Welcome to the official website of PARANOID Podcast! This site is home to *exclusive* content from your host, Gillyan Stone, where if posted on BigTech, she would be censored and/or BANNED!

Your Host

Gillyan Stone is a Right-Wing Investigative journalist who appears regularly on CrossTalk News.

She is a wife & Cat Mom, who spends most of her days working to prepare new content for PARANOID!

Gillyan loves going on air & addressing the latest World News, but she felt as though she needed to dive deeper than just reporting!

PARANOID takes a different spin on politics, & discusses things that the mainstream media just WON'T cover!


Gillyan Stone




Going into the Rabbit Hole of just how dark this world is can be incredibly draining mentally, physically, & spiritually.

Whenever Gillyan goes to record, she will always make sure that I include room for the presence of God, because he is ultimately the reason why we have truth, His truth!

In her eyes, the only way that you can see the reality of our modern day, is if you understand the Biblical reality as well, which is something you can't pass by.

We are living in a dying society, and God knows that!

Gillyan's mission is to know that as well, & to bring as many people closer to God, one episode at a time!

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