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Episode 5: The Moon Landing & Flat Earth Theory

Hey everyone! Welcome BACK or welcome TO PARANOID, I’m Gillyan Stone and I am so ready to be filming episode 5 tonight!

I have gotten a lot of feedback so far from the listeners of this podcast, and I am so glad that you all are enjoying the episodes so far!

Over the past few weeks, I have felt SO beyond blessed for the opportunities that have come my way!

For instance, I had the opportunity to join The Stew Peters Show TWICE and I was SO NERVOUS let me tell you!!

I’m not used to joining bigtime shows, and it was so fun to experience that!

I also had the opportunity to join a podcast with one of my favorite influencers, Float Universe, and it was so awesome!

Being able to slowly ease my way into bigger communities and have the opportunity to reach more people has been so cool, and you all are so nice!

And with all of that being said, let’s dive into our next episode together!!

So for tonight’s episode, I thought that I would dive into two topics that I have always wanted to talk about because they basically were some of the biggest RedPills that I have ever experienced going into the TRUTHER movement!

For the first topic, I thought we should talk about the Flat Earth theory.

I have known about this conspiracy theory for a very long time, and I was introduced to it by the youtuber Shane Dawson who covered this theory briefly!

I think this was one of the most prominent theories in my life, because in a lot of ways, this is what helped me start thinking outside the box!

So, what is the Flat Earth Theory?

Well, the Flat Earth Theory is just that: The theory of A FLAT earth!

The idea of the flat earth is that we are basically living in a snowglobe. So in the simplest terms, we are living in a Semi-Sphere that has a flat bottom, and a firmament going over us!

That’s why we are able to have Mountains, Trees, Sky Scrapers, you name it!

Side note, why are SkyScrapers called Skyscrapers?! Just thought of that haha!!

So, what’s on the edge of the earth then?

The easy answer: ANTARCTICA!

We are covered in a circular wall of ice, and that is what keeps us contained!

There’s also biblical backing for the Flat earth too, from

Job 26:10

He has inscribed a circle on the face of the waters at the boundary between light and darkness.

Isn’t that verse interesting on its own! I mean, like take a literal person’s face as an actual example, like our face is shaped like a flat circle, but we have dimensions to our face too!

There’s another bible verse that I found that’s just as interesting too, and it comes from Job too!

It’s Job 26:7

He stretches out the north over the void and hangs the earth on nothing.

So, in this verse alone it disproves space, it disproves gravity, and when it says “over the void” it means over the firmament!

Just a disclaimer too, there are over 200 verses in the bible depicting a flat earth, so I’m not just cherry picking either, because we all know that those who don’t believe in this theory want to try and get you into a “gotcha moment”!


Now before we get into this next theory, I want to bring to you my very first sponsor for this show, Seek Jesus co!

As you all know, my mission is to ChristPill everyone with every theory I put into play, and I find it very important to keep Jesus at the center of every podcast!

For instance, I pray before every podcast episode and ask God to bring a new person to Him every episode I film, and I do my best to embody him in everything that I do daily!

One of those things that I try to embody what Jesus wants for me is in the way that I dress, and that dressing modestly, even when I’m in the house by myself, will make me feel closer to God as well as making me feel more and more respect for myself as a girl that is surrounded by horrible standards!

That's why I reached out to Seek Jesus for a sponsorship, because they create clothes that are Christ centered, and fulfilling to you! They are also SUPER CUTE clothes guys!

If you want to order from Seek Jesus, use code GILLYAN in all caps, that's G-I-L-L-Y-A-N in all caps at checkout for 15% off of your purchases!

Thank you Seek Jesus, I can’t wait to work with you guys further!


So this next theory is linked to The Flat Earth theory too in a way, but there are so many other reasons why it looks fake in general too, and that is…

Da da da da! The MOON LANDING !!

This was actually the first conspiracy I had ever learned, and it was one of the first things as well that taught me how to look for inconsistencies in day-to-day life, question authority, and overall think for myself!

Let me walk you through the thought process of this theory, because it’s super confusing especially because I don’t believe the regular theory that most people do!

Firstly, I don’t believe in the moon landing because I don’t believe that we are even able to go to space.


It's because of the fact that we are unable to leave the firmament of the earth, and the inconsistencies of the Heliocentric model of space (aka what we learned in school about earth, the sun, the planets, etc.)

So let’s start off with the fact that we can’t leave our firmament


I believe that there is no such thing as space in general because in the bible, God specifically spells out for us that He only created Earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars.

And even more specifically that he made the heavens outside of our atmosphere.

We cannot travel to the moon because the moon isn’t in our firmament.

And with the inconsistencies of the Heliocentric model, this takes more of a scientific spin.

So basically the heliocentric model suggests that the sun is smart enough to be in the perfect stance, tilt, and distance from earth to provide us with the right temperatures, seasons, time zones, etc.

So, according to their model, if the sun was any closer to the earth, then we would literally all light on fire and be incinerated!

So, why is it that the astronauts, more like “astro-NOTS”, went to the whole MOON without immediately being obliterated by the heat of the sun?

The answer: its because they NEVER WENT

So what about rockets then? Why do we see them take off so much, and where do they go?

I believe that they are going to two possible destinations.

Antarctica, or the Bermuda Triangle.

The reason behind Antarctica is because we aren’t allowed to explore it. In fact, we would all be shot on sight if we tried investigating the entirety of it.

The government claims that Antarctica is too dangerous to explore, but in reality I believe that they are really trying to hide the fact that Antarctica is really just the edge of the earth, and that they don’t want us finding out that the earth is really just a semi-sphere.

But we also know that CERN, and NASA are all about space exploration and the “God-particle” so it would make more sense that they are trying to break through our firmament often, while simultaneously trying to cover up their lies further!

Now the alternate reason why I think the rockets are just going to The Bermuda Triangle is for a similar but different reason, more like an option B!

This theory suggests ALREADY that the government knows the earth is flat!

So during the Cold War, we were constantly trying to prove that the United States were superior to Russia, but the biggest thing that went down was “the race to the moon”. The government knew that it would be so embarrassing for us to make promises that they couldn’t keep & attempt going to the moon when they know that the earth is flat and we can’t leave our firmament.

The only way that they could pull off such a lie, was by going to one destination that they knew that nobody could ever go, which is the Bermuda triangle.

Cape Canaveral Florida is one of the most famous landing sites for rocket ships by NASA, it’s where The Kennedy Space Center is.

The strange thing is that one of the points of the Bermuda triangle is actually almost exactly near Miami, FL.

So in theory the government really just launched the rockets to the Bermuda triangle which would cause a curve in launch to achieve their destination to the Bermuda triangle, and simultaneously look like the earth has a spherical curve, & then afterwards once the rocket landed, they could just ship back the Rocket in parts so that it could be shipped without anyone noticing & then just rebuild it and repaint it to look like a brand new rocket just to launch it back again whenever they were ready.

Crazy but not crazy at the same time when you think about it!

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