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Episode 6: Burning Man

Hey everyone! Welcome back or welcome TO Paranoid, I’m Gillyan Stone, and this episode is taking a deep dive into the Burning Man Ritual.

This is not ONLY a pagan ritual designed for actual human sacrifice, but it is also an event that is taking place as this episode is being recorded.

The Burning Man takes place in Nevada, basically in the middle of nowhere, and it is praised by celebrities near and far.

It is described as a place of “renewal” and getting into tune with your “inner self”. People who come out of this event report feeling “transformed” and having a different mindset after going to this event.

But the normies who attend this Burning Man event have no idea that they unconsciously had just participated in something far more sinister than they think. The practice of the Burning Man ritual goes all the way back to an ancient “lost religion” called the Ancient Order of The Druids, in which one of the most famous attendees of this religion is no other than WINSTON CHURCHILL. TAOD was founded 1874 by Robert Wentworth Little, an English Mason and Rosicrucian.

FLASHBACK MOMENT —- to when we were talking about The Georgia Guidestones, and I told Y’all that The Guidestones were literally a replica of The Rosicrucian Altar?! Yep, we’ve got the Order of The Rosey Cross making yet ANOTHER appearance in ANOTHER ritual driven experience.

What’s interesting, is that in 1886 the name of the Order was changed to Ancient Masonic Order of Druids (AMOD) and about two-thirds of the non-Masonic members were expelled from the Order. Meaning that this “ORDER” is really just another branch of Masonry.

So, in this Order, aka MASONIC CULT, their exterior mission was to create a “Walking path of nature, spirituality and inner transformation founded on personal experience and reconnection with the living earth.”

Notice how they talk about “INNER TRANSFORMATION” and “RECONNECTION”?!

So, what’s interesting about this, that connects specifically to The Burning Man festival, is that back in the times of the Roman Empire & the rule of Caesar, Druids literally built a giant wooden cage that was formed into the shape of a man, and sacrificed HUMANs in a ritual to protect and heal soldiers who were wounded/sick in battle.

So the talk of “Inner transformation” & “Reconnection” is super fishy.

So, I did want to talk about some stories/ experiences from people who actually attended Burning Man, because there are quite a few that really kept me up when doing the research for this script.

One of which is probably the most popular story of a man named Aaron Joel Mitchell. Disclaimer, this is really dark stuff, so if you have children listening it may be best to turn it off for them now!

So Aaron Joel Mitchell was an attendee at the Burning Man back in 2017 who, all of a sudden, ran into a burning structure & burned alive inside.

No one knows why he did it, and why no one STOPPED HIM.

This story, I found from a reddit user who actually witnessed this happening, and honestly it will shake you to the core.

End quote. Like, doesn’t that story just literally make you sick? There were just so many different things that I took away from it, that just leave me wondering.

For one, after Aaron’s death, no later than an HOUR did people all of a sudden jump back up to go party. And the storyteller mentioned the “celebration of life” thing. Not only that, but just the craziness of the security guards literally STOPPING their chase of Aaron after he started dancing. And can we NOT FORGET that somehow Aaron just “broke through” TWO LAYERS OF SECURITY?!

I personally think something more sinister was at hand at this particular Burning Man, because the whole situation on its own gets me thinking about the infamous horror movie Midsommar. This movie came out in 2019, and is probably one of the most disturbing horror movies I’ve ever seen, mostly because, in the back of my mind, I could TOTALLY see this type of cult happening in real-life.

This movie really compares to the incident of Aaron, and here’s why:


The Midsommar cult practices a game called “The Maypole” just like Burning Man does


The Midsommar cult practices a Burning Ceremony that contains four human sacrifices. Aaron is a major happening where he literally rushed into the flames, but OVER 27 deaths have occured at Burning Man since the founding of the “festival”. That’s more than one death every other year!


Midsommar is about a transformation of oneself as well, and a renewal of the mind.

All in all, I think that what Burning Man truly is, is a pagan ritual that uses the feeble minds of the public as unknowing vessels in a human sacrifice ritual.

Well, I think that about wraps up this episode! I hope you guys enjoyed this podcast as much as I did, and make sure you follow me on Tiktok & Instagram where I am stationed on for the time being!

Also make sure to check out PARANOIDPOD.COM for updates on newest episodes & MERCHANDISE by yours truly! I will see you in the next episode, bye everyone!

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